Something important I want everyone 

Assalamualaikum Waramhmatulla all dearest brothers and sisters, please take my Salam and cordial Love. How are you all dearest brothers and sisters? Hopefully all are very very well and perfect by the unlimited powerful Allah. I am also well by the unlimited powerful Allah.

What are you doing right now? Just I have taken one cup of tea with two biscuits. After few minutes ago I have made tea for my family members. Really it is very interested and most enjoyable for me. Because first time I have Maid up tea for our family. Maybe it is very tasty and delicious.
However! Do you make tea for your family members?
Especially all dearest sisters make tea for there family members. Thank you so much all dearest sisters.

Love is blind it is the greatest and most individual theories in the world. We can’t explain about the love. Love is the greatest and most terrible things for of all. Again love is the greatest and most essential for of all humans life. Without perfect love we never be cozy in our humans life. So we must have to make love with perfect person.

Look at the article it is the wonderful and important speech for of all. Who loves you very truly he/ she never give up you or don’t allowed to leave from you. Whatever the situation would be something. So we should do love with other in deeply.


J M Ali Nayon

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